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The additional aluminium boat is a very fast boat suitable for all-round fishing ( ESPECIALLY FISHING WITH DOWNRIGGERS ) IN TJONG FJORD ( TJONGSFJORDEN) for up to 4 people. 


The boat is built very streamlined and is therefore fast and fuel-efficient. It has a 10 inch echo sounder and a deep water transducer. Many rod holders and storage space allow the angler to get through the day comfortably. From 2023, the boat can also be rented with 2 Cannon downriggers upon request. This allows trolling for salmon, sea trout and also halibut.

The description of fishing with downriggers on waters.

A dead bait fish on the trolling system at the right depth with no additional weight can make memories for a lifetime.

The electric downriggers cost 300 euros rental fee per week.Included in the price is an introduction to fishing with downriggers. Trolling bait can be purchased in our shop and  trolling rods can be rented. While salmon and sea trout are successfully fished for in spring, king halibut can be  outwitted with trolling baits all the way through summer.

We are pleased to be able to offer you this additional type of fishing on our T-Top aluminium boat. Trolling should ideally be carried out with 2 to 3 people. We learned this style of fishing from our Swedish guests. They are inherently much more familiar with trolling.The sometimes almost unbelievable daily catch ( and release)  of 10 salmon and sea trout in one boat were motivation enough to take a closer look.

We kindly ask our anglers not to take more than one salmon or one sea trout per person per day. We would like to preserve our wild stocks of these fish for everyone in the future.


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T-Top additional aluminium boat for all-round fishing in Tjong Fjord ( Tjongsfjorden )
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