Fishing halibut in Tjongsfjord Lodge with Thomas Czapla

Guided fishing tour by Thomas Czapla

Thomas Czapla is an experienced and enthusiastic angler and has been fishing in and on the sea since his childhood. As a full-time guide, he offers guided fishing tours in a relaxed atmosphere. He has a very good knowledge of the area and many years of fishing experience .

Many years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of soft bait angling for cod, as well as in active angling for flatfish and sea trout make him THE FISHING GUIDE YOU WANT. During his tours, in addition to fishing in a personal atmosphere in small groups, Thomas Czapla offers coaching in techniques and tactics for catching more fish.

Thomas was the first fishing guide to visit Tjongsfjord Lodge and test its fishing grounds. Since then he has being offering guided fishing tours to Tjongsfjord Lodge in Norway. The Tjongsfjord is now his favourite travel destination.

Angling in Tjong fjord with Thomas Czapla: 27.08.- 03.09.2021

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In an absolute dream location and absolute seclusion, you will be accompanied by me throughout the tour. Two spacious and completely renovated lodge houses are at your disposal. The fishing area is a dream for all Pollack fans, a must for all halibut anglers, wolffish, saithe and large cod are omnipresent. Here it is your chance to crack your “personal best”. 

Single room, boat place and guiding

Extra costs: Individual arrival by plane or car. Boat fuel proportionately, self-sufficiency, transfer possible for a request.

Booking inquiries via the homepage or at, or per mobile: +49 1520 87 51 428

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fishing and being coached by Thomas Czapla in saltwater fishing in Northern Norway at Tjongsfjord Lodge
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