Fishing tours

Tjongsfjord Lodge offers you the fishing coach on request. He takes you where the fish are! He will share with you the regulations for sea fishing in Norway, teach you how to handle the catch correctly to improve the quality, how to practise catch and release, as an example, release of big halibuts.

Tjongsfjord Lodge also works with the professional fishermen: Rainer Korn, Robert Langford and Stefan Seuss. They organise the fishing tours to Tjong Fjord. You are welcome to get  your fishing experience!


RODS & REELS: The choice of fishing tackle depends on many factors in the waters around Tjongsfjord Lodge. We always make our choice of tackle dependent on the depth, drift and type of fish being fished for.In order to be optimally equipped, our experienced guides recommend bringing a lighter and a heavier setup with you, […]