2 convenient ways to reach Tjongsfjord Lodge

TRAVELling to Tjongsfjord LODGE BY CAR :

  • Make your way to Stockholm  via A7, A1, E47, E4
  • then head for Mo i Rana and follow directions to the ferry KILBOGHAMN > JEKTVIK (331, E45, E12, 12, 17). Ferry times should be taken into account
  • Then only a few miles to travel to Tjongsfjord Lodge (Vågaholmen).

( approximately 3o hours from Hamburg by car) 


We highly recommend 2 ferries:

  1. the ferry from Rostock to Stockholm. This ferry is very clean, convenient and often completely booked and it is difficult to get a cabin there. But the connection is the best if you travel from Germany.
  2. the ferry from Danzig (Gdansk) to Stockholm. It is very affordable and has comfortable cabins. From Stockholm you will travel to Tjongsfjord Lodge approximately 15 hours.
Travelling by car (via Gdansk)

Travelling to Tjongsfjord lodge BY PLANE:

From London, Paris and Berlin :)… Your destination is Bodø. Then you can take a passenger ferry directly to the Tjongsfjord Lodge or ask us for a transfer.

Fly to Oslo and than take a connection flight to Bodø. Depending on the season there are up to 12 flights a day from Oslo. 


If you drive from the airport to the Lodge by car, follow the road 17 from Bodø to Tjongsfjord Lodge. This road 17 is a part of the Helgeland coast, also known as Nasjonal Turistveg Helgeland or Fv17, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. You should take the schedule of the ferry ÅGSKARDET – FORØY (the direction from Forøy to Ågskardet) in account.


Take a passenger Ferry BODØ – HELGELAND , which can take you directly from Bodø to Vågaholmen.

Tjong Fjord seascape while travel to Tjongsfjord Lodge

AIRPORT TRANSFER to Tjongsfjord Lodge:

We can arrange an airport transfer for you with a comfortable bus and a large trailer for all your luggage. Airport transfers are available for 4-6 people and cost 60,00 € per way per person. We will pick you up with a van and a trailer for your luggage.  Please book your airport transfer together with your trip since we need to plan well ahead.


You can rent a car at the airport .


Alternatively to arriving by car from Bodø, there is a very fast 3 hour ferry connection from Bodø to Vågaholmen. It is only 1.5km from Vågaholmen to Tjongsfjord Lodge. This offers individual travelers a fast and inexpensive connection. It means that members of your group can also arrive and depart flexibly. The ferry allows you to easily transport people and large luggage (fish boxes, fishing rods), so you do not necessarily need a large rental car for your stay. The ferry terminal is only a 5-minute drive from Bodø Airport.

Being on this ferry you still can enjoy the “Kystriksveien” (or a Nasjonal Turistveg Helgeland) one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world – a beautiful trip along the coast sights and with breathtaking views of norwegian fjords. You destination is a part of this world in Tjong Fjord.

passenger FERRY TIMES:


 1 x daily direct from Bodø -> Vågaholmen 

Mon.-Sat. 16:15

Sun. 16:45

Travel time approx. 2.5 hours


1 x daily direct from Vågaholmen -> Bodø 

Mon.-Sat. 08:35

Sun. 15:55

Travel time approx. 2.5 hours 

travel to Tjongsfjord in Northern Norway

THE APP FOR PLANING YOUR ROUTEs IN NORDLAND (INCLUDING PRICES for all types of transport). Transport types: bus, express bus, airport shuttle, ferry, train.
Reis Nordland App for easy travel to Tjongsfjord Lodge
Reis Nordland App

With the help of this application you will be able to find a couple of different variants for a proper planning of your route. It includes the schedule of the passenger ferry and the bus in order to get to and from Vågaholmen, includes additional information about the prices for transportation, number of bus you need and the travel time. You also are able to find there the actual schedule for the ferries KILBOGHAMN – JEKTVIK und auch ÅGSKARDET – FORØY.