The rules for sea angling in Norway have been changed recently. From the year 2021, tourist fishermen are allowed to export up to 18 kilos of fish caught in Norway, and “trophy fish” is now also included in the fish export quota. The fish must have been caught under the control of a registered tourist fishing company. Only companies registered in the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries are allowed to arrange the export documentation for a tourist. Tjongsfjord Lodge is in this list.

Documentation with name, address and VAT on the company, length of stay, amount of fish caught will be required by norwegian authorities. These documents should be stamped and signed by Tjongsfjord Lodge and given to you before you leave Norway.

Now fish can only be exported twice a calendar year to a value below 5,000 kroner.

Fishing fees and permits

Sea angling for personal use requires no fees or permits, but there are rules about the use of equipment, protected species (lobster and bluefish tuna among others) and minimum sizes.

To fish in fresh water, tourists need a fishing license from the landowner, which can be purchased from sports shops or online and costs from 60 kroner for one day. Tjongsfjord Lodge can provide you with the opportunity of fresh water fishing on a private lake in Tjongsfjord.

SEA ANGLING at Tjongsfjord lOdge


  • Do not fish protected species. (Spiny dogfish, Basking shark, Porbeagle, Blue ling, Lobster, Bluefin tuna, Silk shark, Eel, Wrasse)
  • Respect the minimum fish sizes specified. In order to preserve Norwegian fish stocks we encourage everyone to avoid catching fish that are under the minimum size specified, for example for cod – 44cm, for halibut – 80cm, for redfish – 32cm. If you do catch a fish that is smaller than the minimum size, free it carefully from the hook and release it into the sea. If the fish is dead or is clearly not capable of surviving, you can keep it for eating.
  • Release all halibut above 2 metres long
  • You are only permitted to use handheld tackle for angling.
  • You must keep a distance of 100 metres or more from the closest fish farm.
  • You are not permitted to sell your catch.
  • You are permitted to export up to 18 kg of fish or fish fillets, including your trophy fish, cause you can document that you have been fishing under the direction of a registered enterprise.