The choice of fishing tackle depends on many factors in the waters around Tjongsfjord Lodge. We always make our choice of tackle dependent on the depth, drift and type of fish being fished for.
In order to be optimally equipped, our experienced guides recommend bringing a lighter and a heavier setup with you, to cover the full range of fish species.

We therefore recommend:

  1. A casting rod between 80 and 150 g with a length of 2.20m-2.40m with a spinning reel sized 2700-4000 and a braided line with a diameter between 0.12mm – 0.18mm. This rod is used for fishing with little drift with light lures in shallower water areas up to 30 m for pollack, coalfish, cod and halibut.
  2. For deeper waters and poorer conditions, we recommend a heavier boat rod with a multiplier reel and a line capacity of 300 – 500m with a line diameter of 0.22 – 0.28mm in the weight class 300 – 500g between 1.90 – 2.20m in length. This rod can be equipped with heavier systems/baits which are drift-neutral and can be offered faster at greater depths between 60 and 120 m. With this rod almost all types of fish in the fjords around Tjongsfjord Lodge can be fished and it is therefore the first choice when we have to decide on a rod.


In our opinion, when choosing a bait, the color, shape and brand of the product is less important. Much more important is the weight, presentation, sinking behavior, quality of the hooks, coordination with the rod and reel and the situation. The biggest successes are often celebrated with the most rudimentary means. If we had to decide on one type of bait, it would in all probability be the pilk in all variations in the weight class coordinated with the rod.

We would make another recommendation for shads with matching jig heads or pre-assembled shads in the sizes and weights that match your two rod options.

Basically, we always fish with as few hooks or metal parts as possible. This also includes jumper rigs and knotless connectors. These only lead to unnecessary knots and risk of injuries to people and fish. Tjongsfjord Lodge always fishes with a monofilament leader, this prevents the line from breaking due to the main line rubbing against the fish’s teeth.

You should also have a finer 0.50mm and a heavier 1.00mm leader variant in your tackle box . We basically knot our leaders to the main line, should you have any problems with this, we will help you , of course. (HERE are some helpful videos)

Also bring barrel swivels and snap rings with matching snap ring pliers.