The fjord and island world to the south of Bodø is regarded to be one of the Northern Norway’s fishing heavens. Northern Norway has always been closely associated with fishing, and as a result you will find Tjongsfjord Lodge a dream fishing destination. In only a few meters depth species like cod, halibut, saithe, redfish, haddock and wolffish often grow unusually large here.

The high season runs from May to October. During the summer months, you can fish around the clock thanks to the midnight sun. From the end of September late in the evening every fisherman has ample chances of spotting the northern lights dancing across the sky. We would like to welcome you to Tjongsfjord Lodge for a marvellous fishing holiday.


Tjongsfjord Lodge is situated at the fjord exit to the North Atlantic just 10 miles to the North from the Arctic Circle and offers unlimited fishing opportunities for more than 10 species of fish. The extremely well-structured seabed, with its countless plateaus, gullies and steeply sloping edges, provide a lot of fishing opportunities for every fisherman.

Filmed by AVTTENTION (Klaus Stange) in Tjongsfjord

Due to the location at the outer end of Tjong Fjord (Tjongsfjorden), Tjongsfjord Lodge offers the opportunity to react quickly to different weather conditions. Tjong Fjord (Tjongsfjorden) is protected against north and northwesterly winds, enabling successful fishing in almost any weather condition. In Tjong Fjord (Tjongsfjorden), which is characterised by its rich water structure, that offers the perfect habitat to fish. Cod, pollock and halibut are the main species.

In good weather conditions, the 20 km distant outer shelf can be reached in about 1 hour. There you will find really big fish. Pollock well over 1 m,halibut,  large ling and  redfish complete the target fish spectrum.

Additional to the boat fishing you can fish from the shore for salmon, sea trout  and cod. At the end of Tjong Fjords (Tjongsfjorden), which can be reached in 10 minutes by car, you can fish a waterfall, that flows directly into the sea. Both salmon and sea trout are there. In the mackerel saison every cast is a strike. Our guests have access to a private lake with lake trout up to 6 kg. A brook with good brown trout stocks in crystal clear water can be reached in 1 hour driving time.

fishing from the  shore at Tjongsfjord

Geographical facts about our fishing Lodge:

Tjongsfjord Lodge is located above the Arctic Circle. Thanks to the warm currents of the Gulf Stream, the climate is decidedly warmer than other destinations on the same latitude.

Tjong Fjord (Tjongsfjorden) is a fjord in the municipality of Rødøy in Nordland, Norway. The Norwegian Federal Highway 17 runs along the inner part of the fjord. This particular coast way belongs to the well known HELGELAND – the nature paradise in Norway, stretching approximately from Bodø to Trondheim, with all its Caribbean sandy beaches, majestic mountains and puffins. The 17-kilometer long fjord begins to the west of the Svartisen Glacier and flows into the Rødøy Fjord (Rødøyfjord) to the east of the island of Rødøy.

Blokktinden mountain and Svartisen Glacier are the main attractions in Tjong Fjord (Tjongsfjorden).  Blokktinden is located on the southern shore of the fjord. Opposite to it on the northern shore of the fjord there are the villages of Tjong and Vågaholmen, where you can find our Tjong Fjord Lodge.

The Tjongsfjord is traversed by shallows, numerous underwater mountains and sandy plateaus. Cod, halibut and salmon live in this habitat. The place is teeming with big fish, including pollock and sea trout and many other species. The tasty redfish can also be caught on the steep edges in Tjong Fjord. Halibut is regularly caught on the many sandy plateaus!

fishing halibut on the Artic Circle in Northern Norway

Find excellent opportunities for saltwater fishing! Try your luck in Tjong Fjord! Unforgettable fishing experience is expecting you at our Tjongsfjord Lodge.