Tjongsfjord lodge

2 convenient ways to reach Tjongsfjord Lodge

TRAVELling to Tjongsfjord LODGE BY CAR : Make your way to Stockholm  via A7, A1, E47, E4 then head for Mo i Rana and follow directions to the ferry KILBOGHAMN > JEKTVIK (331, E45, E12, 12, 17). Ferry times should be taken into account Then only a few miles to travel to Tjongsfjord Lodge (Vågaholmen). ( approximately […]


Photography trips to Tjongsfjord Lodge

Sometimes it takes a little chance to find the places on earth that cast a spell over every nature lover with their magic. Norway is one of such places. Tjongsfjord Lodge is located about 25 km to the north of the Arctic Circle on a peninsula shielded by Svartisen Glacier and impressive coastal mountain range. […]