Photography trips to Tjongsfjord Lodge

Sometimes it takes a little chance to find the places on earth that cast a spell over every nature lover with their magic. Norway is one of such places. Tjongsfjord Lodge is located about 25 km to the north of the Arctic Circle on a peninsula shielded by Svartisen Glacier and impressive coastal mountain range. This remote place can only be reached by ferry. And so you can find grandiose fjord landscapes, cascading brooks and white sandy beaches, away from the now quite overcrowded regions along the Norwegian coast.

photography trips to Tjongsfjord Lodge

Tjongsfjord Lodge is actually a paradise for anglers. In winter time the Lodge welcomes photographers’ groups. It is at the end of a cul-de-sac far from any light source. The night sky is therefore clear and breathtakingly beautiful. Northern lights are very common and come in all colours. You just have to get out of the house to take pictures. For the time lapse that you can see under the link below, Klaus Stange simply put the camera on a tripod outside and then sat down in the warm living room.


Christian Horn and Klaus Stange

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  • night photography,
  • astrophotography,
  • northern lights photography

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