Rainer Korn's fishing guided trip to Tjongsfjord Lodge

Unforgettable tours, accompanied by a german journalist of a fishing magazine Rainer Korn

Every german angler knows this particular name. Mr.Korn is the chief editor of the famous fishing magazine “Kutter & Küste”, a real Norway expert, a passionate and experienced angler, the author of many books (not just about fishing in Norway) and a professional fisherman and angler. Mr. Korn has his own blog: rainerkorn.de

angling in Tjongsfjord with Rainer Korn
Rainer Korn in Tjongsfjord Lodge

Since his first visit to Tjongsfjord Lodge and its fishing grounds, Rainer has been coming back year after year. We are glad to have him on board and we are looking forward to him every year. We enjoy the new video films that he publishes every time after his fishing expeditions to Tjongsfjord Lodge.

Rainer Korn: Coaching while angling
Rainer Korn’s coaching

In order to reach Rainer, just contact him directly via www.rainerkorn.de or send us a request we will forward.

Rainer Korn blogs:

Rainer Korn fishing tours in Tjongsfjord Lodge