Tjongsfjord Lodge:
Rental Agreement for a boat

The boat operator must either have been born before 01.01.1980 or possess a valid boat license ‘Sea’.

The rental period starts on Friday at 6:00 PM and lasts until the following Thursday at 10:00 PM. The boat must be returned clean. If the boat is returned dirty, a cleaning fee of €150 is to be paid by the renter.

Please have each party take a photo of the propeller!

The following utensils are available on the boat. Please confirm the takeover and the replacement prices.

These items exclusively belong to the rented boat and must remain on the boat.

The renter is responsible for using the boats and rental equipment carefully and only for their intended purpose. They must not be used improperly. In particular, it is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that the maximum number of participants is not exceeded.

The boat operator is personally responsible for ensuring that during the trips, there is a life jacket in the boat for each person and that these are returned to the storage compartment in the boat at the end of the trip. The life jackets must be worn as soon as the boat is in motion.

The boat operator is personally liable for all damages to the boat, engine, and all accessories. Missing equipment will be replaced at the cost of the boat operator.

If fishing line gets tangled in the propeller, the boat operator must immediately inform the supervisor. Subsequent damages from fishing lines can easily be prevented if action is taken.

There is fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible for the boat.

The deductible for insurance damages is 1500 euros per case.

ATTENTION: In the event of negligent behaviour, the insurance coverage is void, and the boat operator is fully liable for the damages incurred!

Negligent behavior includes, for example, not paying attention to sufficient water depth (at least 2 meters between boat and ground). The installed sonar can show incorrect water depths due to system limitations, so the boat operator is always responsible for checking the water depth independently.

There is an absolute alcohol prohibition for the boat operator (0.0 per mille) in Norway! Please see the ‘Guest Information on Angling and Safety in Norway’.

Furthermore, for docking maneuvers, another person with 0.0 per mille is required. The boat operator and the deckhand are fully liable for all damages if the alcohol prohibition is not observed.

The lessor reserves the right to withdraw from the rental contract for important reasons or to terminate it without notice.
If the renters are obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or otherwise pose a danger to themselves or others, the rental agreement can also be dissolved by the lessor immediately before or during the trip.

The insurance coverage expires in case of alcohol consumption.

Boat operator’s signature____________________________________

Deckhand’s signature________________________________________

Weather Conditions Clause

The lessor assumes no liability or risk regarding weather conditions. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the contractual obligations continue in any weather, especially in rain or unusually high or low seasonal temperatures.
The lessor points out that the use of boats is not permitted from wind force 5. This also applies to situations where the wind force is announced but not yet reached. The renter must independently inform themselves about the weather conditions. In case of doubt, the trip must be approved by the supervisor.

The trip is forbidden if the black flag is raised on the jetty! If this is disregarded, the insurance coverage is void.
The boats must be at the dock at least 30 minutes before darkness. Operating the boats in the dark without a guide is prohibited.

Boat operator’s signature____________________________________

Deckhand’s signature________________________________________

Liability Disclaimer

The contractual liability of the lessor for damages that are not bodily injuries (including liability for the violation of pre-, side-, or post-contractual duties) is limited to three times the rental price, provided the lessor did not cause the damage to the renter intentionally or through gross negligence.
A waiver or limitation of liability for damages arising from injury to life, body, or health, which are based on a negligent breach of duty by the lessor or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of the lessor, does not apply. The same applies to other damages based on a grossly negligent breach of duty by the lessor or on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of the lessor.


The renter may sue the lessor (10 Miles North AS) at its registered office. For lawsuits by the lessor against the renter, the renter’s place of residence is decisive, unless the lawsuit is against full merchants or persons who have moved their residence or usual place of stay abroad after the conclusion of the contract, or whose residence or usual place of stay is not known at the time of filing the lawsuit. In such cases, the registered office of the lessor is decisive.

Data Protection

The personal data of the renter communicated in the context of the contractual relationships will be used exclusively for the processing of the contract and handling inquiries.

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